Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hello Everyone! 

This week was quite long, but really great. My first sunday here we had only 1 investigator at church, and we didn't even focus on him because we kind of knew he was going to come. But this last week we had 6 investigators at church, including a family minus the dad. But this week, the dad is going to come! The ward is starting to see that we only have 2 missionaries here and that they are going to need to step it up, so that is good. Again, members are key!

This week we taught Pipo, the man with all of the cars (he let me ride in the audi r8!!!! he said I could drive it maybe sometime, but I would be wayyyy to scared)
He let us come over and we shared with him and two of his daughters. We came back another day to give them the English copies of The Book of Mormon they requested. But as we talked to him, he is having a hard time understanding the need for one church, one religion, because he truly does believe in God. He even told me that if he was asked, he would give up everything for him, but he feels he is a good person, and helps people, and he is good. Writing this out kind of answers my question, but all week I have been contemplating this. Especially coming from my other area, SOO many people would just say that they only need a belief in God, and that's it. As I have been thinking about it, I remembered two scriptures, one in D&C, about people being kept from the truth because they know not where to find it, and the other was in 2 Nephi 31. I really liked 2nd Nephi, it was way cool, and even though I have read it a ton, I really got a lot from it again. Jesus Christ was baptized even though he was perfect, so how much more need do we need! But it also outlines the whole gospel. We need the Holy Ghost, and then we need to endure to the end, and only after we do that we can enter into the kingdom of Heaven. We really have to follow the plan God has given us, and it is such a bummer that people rejected it and now it is changed! Ugh. Drives me crazy.

We had an awesome experience as well this week with a boy named Joseph. He is 16 and from Nigeria. We have Trinity University in our area and decided we definitely need to use it more, and we were talking to people just outside and saw him. He is super nice, and we had him come to our ward activity and he only speaks english, (way fun for us) but really had a good time. He confided in me that he really missed his family, and gets super home sick at night. I was thinking that what if we were an answer to his prayers. You could just tell he was so happy being able to talk to people really clearly, and having filipinos that were so nice to him, it was awesome. We didn't even bring up going to church, but he asked what time it started and we were stoked, he is planning on coming. It was such a miracle, and I am so thankful to be used by Heavenly Father to answer the prayers of one of his children, and was such a testimony to me that he does hear all of our prayers. 

We have been talking to people like crazy, seriously, we just start talking to anyone that walks by us, It is awesome! We have talked to a lot of people, including a few priests that actually said it would be fine for us to come over! That is actually something I have always wanted to do ha. We also ran into some american-filipinos that are going to school here, and ate lunch with them, that was awesome. It is so cool talking to people that speak english. They had a lot of lds friends in high school, so it was cool how they already had a background of the church! So neat. There were just so many cool people we have been talking to, and Elder Cox and I have been playing a game where we get to make eachother talk to someone, no matter what, once a day, usually it is so awkward looking. Super fun, and usually all of them turn out to be great! We just do stuff like that and make jokes with people, and they love it and open up. I am having such high hopes for the area! 

maybe a little spiritual insight this week is deciding to do stuff now. A super common Filipino Phrase is "Pag may time" or when I have time. Ugh so frustrating, because we aren't supposed to procrastinate the day of our repentance haha! So I have noticed that if we really do love Heavenly Father, we won't put things off, saying I have plans to get better at this or that LATER, but really decide to do it now, and actually do it. Fun Fact I learned, the amount of goals people accomplish is less than one, because they don't even end up trying to do the goal they set! haha, So true. So decide to do it, and stick to it! 

Love you all!

-Elder Rock

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  1. Reply reply din pag me time dito sa blog mo. Hehe...u know it is sabado, so off ko. Ang cool ng area mo der. Audi r8 ha...astig! Did you drive it yet? Hehehe...at uu open lng ng open ng mouth...lol. ikaw pa..si elder zealous. Oi, wag kalimutan, eat ng marami der...