Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy fourth of July everybody! 

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July, even though the Philippines doesn't really do anything special, we still had a great day, and even got some pizza so it was worth skipping out on the fireworks and BBQ from the Shiled's... kind of haha. 

And of course, Happy Birthday to Rachel! You're getting so old!! But glad to hear you had a great birthday! 

Our week was really cool this week, we are going to have a baptism next saturday and we are so excited! He is 15 and is so great! His mom is a member as well but less active, so hopefully his activity and example will help her come back as well and have her whole family be able to be stronger as a result. He started going to seminary with his cousin and is coming to all the activities, and is really excited to be baptized, he is going to have his cousin baptize him, which will be so great for the both of them, and a great example to the other youth in the ward, so it's an awesome ripple effect that will happen! 

We also taught another investigator and her husband who are both really cool, and both kind of young, 23 and 27, and have two kids. They are kind of getting started in their careers and the wife is really interested in finding out on her own if everything is true, and read the pamphlet we gave her. We actually contacted them awhile back but we always busy and one day we tried and she let us in right away. So after we gave them a Book of Mormon to read we also gave them a baptismal date, which I am still kind nervous to do, especially to guys, because they seem to be less interested, because they work and such. But both of them accepted the date, and the husband, Francis, seemed really excited. The only thing is going to be getting them to attend church because they work a lot. But I totally know that there will be a way for them.

Our ward mission leader's son returned home from his mission this week, and it was really cool to see a returned missionary, and hear his testimony yesterday. It makes me think what I want to talk about when I get home, but also how I really don't want to go home. I can't believe I said that ha, but it goes by so fast. I seriously did not believe it, but the other day in a lesson they asked me how long I have been here, and usually I say 6 months, but it's not anymore, it's 9, and going on 10 soon. I hated saying that, because then they are like, "Oh malapit na!" (Or close now, to going home) and I feel like I just got here. Especially with being able to teach and understand way better now, I feel jipped or I'm jipping the Lord. So it just reminds me to keep working hard. 

This sunday in Gospel Principals we talked about Sacrifice and I realized that sacrifice really is a huge part in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sacrifice shows our faith, and shows how much we love the Lord. When Jesus Christ tells the rich man to give up all he had, he couldn't do it. He didn't have trust in the Lord, and he didn't truly love him. Peter kept going back to fishing, and Jesus asks three times, "do you love me" and Peter is freaking out saying yes. But you can't just say it, you got to show it. Give it up. And sacrifice is never easy, otherwise it isn't really sacrifice. 
Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, which Abraham was wishing and hoping for, for such a long time, and then the Lord asks him to give him up, to kill his own son! But he did it, He showed that he loved the Lord more than anything else. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but the Lord honored his promise to Abraham, and he didn't end up giving up his son. 

Another quick thing, Elder Lang Siu read the story of Joseph in Egypt and shared it in a companion study, and I really am just amazed at that example. He never faltered in his Faith. He was rejected by his own brothers, and then he goes on to be framed and put in jail, but because he never faltered, he was rewarded even greater. We sometimes forget that we will be rewarded, and we can't comprehend how much. I'm sure that he never thought he would become so high up, so trusted by the pharaoh.

I hope everyone has a great week, and shares the gospel with a friend! 

-Elder Rock 

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  1. That is so sweet elder rock....yeah...sacrifice is one powerful word...i have made mine before...it didn't turn out as how i wanted it to be but for a wiser purpose, i know Heavenly Father has instore for me a greater plan...though looking at the bigger picture, i can say it has totally converted me...and it still is...it serves as my beacon. Like sa mga stories ng prophets...the one they loved so dearly is asked of them...mahirap tlg gawin but doing what He asks of us will surely be rewarded far greater than our understanding...astig di ba...nakakatuwa basahin ang mga blogs mo elder Rock...feeling ko nandito ka pa rin...