Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter March 24, 2014

Anim na Buwan na!!! Mabalis!

This week was so awesome, such a turn around from my last week, even though last week was awesome too, I just really loved this last week. I wish I could include every little thing that happened this week. Man where to start... 
I'll just share some things that I have learned and some cool people we met. First off, there are close to a million members of the church in the Philippines, but a ton are less active, like 60 percent, it is sooooo sad. If only they had continued on to the temple... But anyway, this last week I have been trying to just be happy and talk to people, and Elder Padua and I have ran into I think 5 people who were baptized. It's crazy! They are awesome people too. This one guy, ah it was so crazy, we were talking to this member who was walking home, and this jeepney pulls up and a guy gets out, and we were on the side of the street, and he was trying to squeeze by, so I smiled at him, and said sorry and hi, and he smiled and said hi, and then I just reached my hand out I have no idea why haha, and he smiled and shook it, and I was like what the heck this is so weird! Hahaha, and then I just asked him his name, and where he was going (It's not rude here, it's a common greeting) basta, so he then stops and he mentions he was a member! I was so in shock. Such a tender mercy. 

This week I have really really been trying to rely on the spirit, and the Lord, and it is awesome. I just throw myself out there, and it's amazing at the results. In lessons I really focus on the investigator, and then pause and speak by the spirit, and it is so much more powerful. I think that Trusting in the Lord is the main thing I learned this week, and our goals have been getting reached, it is awesome. I think I am FINALLY understanding what it means to have a relationship with Heavenly Father, like truly understanding, I never got it before, but I was in the temple earlier today, and It was so awesome. I just got it. He knows what we need, and challenges are part of that. I loved what Grandma Lynn said, that Grandpa Dennis said, that challenges are ways for us to grow, and we can seriously get through them if we trust in Him. It is hard, so hard, but it's coming into light for me. 

You know all of those cliche's about missions, that they are awesome, they change you, you learn so much, They are all TRUE. If you are hesitant about serving a mission, I seriously encourage you to make up your mind right now to serve one. Nothing bad will come as a result, only good. I just have gained such a different perspective on things that are important, such a difference. This ward has taught me that with some of their struggles, and comparing how people persevere and some don't. Don't ever lose hope. I seriously know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored, and it is so wonderful.

I'm running out of time, so this has to be fast, I'm sorry All of them have been short lately. This last week I looked in the mirror and it was so weird. I'm white!!! I'm surrounded by Filipinos, all shorter than me, I walk around oompalumpas it feels like sometimes, but I love them so much. That's another Cliche that is so true. I love the people here, I thought people just said it but it is so true! Oh, just go on a mission and you will know! Then today, I had Jamba Juice, Who knew it would be so awesome!

I love you all,

Elder Rock

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