Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter March 10, 2014

Hello Everyone! 

I don't have a lot of time, which is kind of a bummer because I had such an amazing week! I found out today that I am going to be transferring, which I'm kind of sad about, and stressed but it is okay, change is good. This week went by so so fast, and is going to be hard leaving Binangonan. I am going to be going to Quezon City Zone, and have a Filipino companion, I'm not sure his name, but I'm excited, hopefully my Tagalog can pick up a lot more. 

The Highlight of this week was getting to hear from Larry J. EchoHawk in the Area Presidency, and in the Quorum of the 70. He was so amazing to listen to and give us all counsel as missionaries. He told us the major importance of being on a mission, and a lot of other stuff, but it was all aimed at us as missionaries so it is hard to relate it back to you with some kind of epic factor, just know, it was awesome! 

I guess the thing I will relate is just Change. All week I was worried if I would be transferred, and tried to push it out of my head, but we just moved into a sweet new house with a basketball court across our house, and so it was hard for me to not want to stay haha. But I look at Elder Echohawk's life, it was filled with change, and a lot of it unanticipated change, especially when he received the call to be a General Authority. He had a great great job, and without any prior notice, received and accepted the call to serve. Feeling inadequate, he was counseled, "The Lord Qualifies whom he calls" and that helped him relieve fears a little bit. I think that could be applied in many aspects of life, and I have really really developed a greater Trust in Heavenly Father. 

Here in the Philippines, people have hard hard lives, but we as missionaries tell them that if they trust in Heavenly Father they will get through their trials. It is hard sometimes, but I have really understood more that he will help us, and he has a plan for all of us. A Senior Missionary gave a talk, and said that if we keep the commandments, there is safety and peace, what greater things do we need in this life than safety and peace? It made a lot of sense to me. 

So Change is necessary. Change is hard, but it helps us grow. We can either face change head on, or just give up, but we can get through anything that is put in our way, the hard thing is not doing it our way. Trials are given to us to rely more on Heavenly Father and to help us remember him. Change is good. We can't just consistently look back to the past and wish we could go back, because we will never grow as he intends us to. Change is not necessarily changing into what we want to be, but what the Lord wants us to be. 

I have been just so happy these last few days, and really really understood the meaning of Choosing to be Happy. Satan truly wants us to be sad, and when we are doing what is right, we can be happy. We can Trust in the Lord, and know he loves us. Thoughts of not being good enough are not from him, that is so true. By Choosing to be always happy, we start to see the good in everything, and everyone. We can focus on the things that make us sad, but I just thought, Why? Why focus and point out every little bad thing when we could just take things the way they happen and have a smile and accept it and move on! It's such a more positive feeling style. 

I hope everyone has a great week, and really encourage you to look for missionary opportunities, sharing the gospel is one of the most rewarding experiences I know!

-Elder Rock

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