Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hello everyone! 

This week was so awesome! I don't know where to start, but I guess on one of the highligts. We had a wedding and then a baptism for one of our investigators, and it was so awesome! She has been ready for baptism for quite awhile now, just needed to get married, and was waiting because her dad was in Visayas on work, and we challenged them to pray for him to find a way to come back early, and then Boom, he was able to! But the stake president went out of town so no one had a license to marry them, so we prayed so hard to find someone, and nothing was working, until wednesday they found someone! So we had the wedding and the ward was so awesome in helping out, and we had a sweet wedding and a sweet baptism. Her husband is a member, so the next step is Temple Sealing! Can't wait to go to that next year! 

The other cool thing was our mission had an emergency/ last minute mission conference because Elder Craig C. Christensen (talk about a lot of C's) of the presidency of the 70 was here and he gave a sweet devotional to all of us in our mission. It was so cool. He did a really cool thing about the Holy Ghost. One thing he said is that the Holy Ghost is our constant companion, but that doesn't mean we will be able to feel him all the time. If we were able to feel him all the time, it would be as if we couldn't. A friend of mine actually told me something similar, of a fish in water, it is the last to know it's wet. The same with us and the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the ultimate teacher, and when we feel the Holy Ghost, it is more powerful than being visited by angels. And when we feel the Holy Ghost, that is when we learn, and when it withdraws, that is when we learn as well, because we can realize that we are not feeling it, and try to get it back, growing in the process, the Holy Ghost always teaching us. He also did a question and answer thing, and he could just answer each question so powerfully and you could tell he really follows the spirit, it was such a neat event. 

This week was just awesome, we had a lot of new investigators that I am really excited for, and we also got a referral for a whole family of 7, and they are just so awesome. I will cry if I get transferred because I just know they are going to be baptized and I hope so bad I will be a part of it, but if not I will hopefully be able to visit and see it. They are so awesome, and the mom is 48 and had a stroke, so it is hard for her to walk, but she still attended church this week. That was a huge example to me, especially for all the less actives that have excuses for not going to church. All it takes is faith. 

Today was also a great day because we were able to through the temple, I love the temple so much, and just know so well that this church is true. My testimony was strengthened so much this week. Like, it just makes sense. I don't know how anyone could seriously investigate the church and not see that this is true. And I know with all my heart that the Holy Ghost can and will testify of the truth to anyone that earnestly seeks for it. It's that simple. I wish more people would try. 

Another cool thing was that we had zone conference last week as well and there was this awesome workshop on one of Jeffrey R. Holland's talk he gave in the MTC, it was so crazy good. Then yesterday president did a thing on it, president Revillo is just so inspired. But the talk was about when after Jesus Christ's death the apostles just went back to fishing (he gave a gen con talk after he gave this talk about the same topic) and how Jesus asked 'do you love me' 3 times to Peter. And you know, if jesus asked once you would be a little like, yeah I do, and if he asked again you would get a little nervous, and if he asked 3 times you would just be freaking out. But what he was saying is, if you love me, why are you here, doing the same thing that you were doing before. So for us as missionaries we can't just serve a mission and go back to what we were doing before. We need to change, and it can really apply to everyone, we need to always change, and can't just go back to doing the same old things we have been doing. Especially if we want to be able to say that we love the Lord. change is so good, and at the same time, SO HARD. We sometimes are like Peter, when he walked on water, he was so pumped to walk on water and did, and then it got a little scary and he fell. But he was picked up, the same can be with all of us, I know it. 

I hope everyone had a great week! Congratulations to Lauren on her engagement! Hope everyone shares the gospel this week! I will!! 

-Elder Rock

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  1. ...more powerful than being visited by an angel...that struck me. Thanks for sharing...i love reading ur blog..parang talk ng mga GA...hehe. at lalo na naka wifi ako...am doing it sa phone ko...how convenient is that...haha.