Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter Feb 3rd 2014

So this week was really interesting because it was transfer week, so we said goodbye to one of the elders in our branch and got a new one, he is from alaska and really cool, he's actually the first american I have lived with here in the Philippines. 

This week we focused more on finding and trying to teach new people because some of our investigators are not progressing, and the ones we really had been focusing on were baptized, so we needed some new people to teach. There were a lot of really neat little situations where we just happened to run into someone. We took a trike home, and the driver said that his mom and dad and some of his brothers were members, but he wasn't. We got his name and address and visited him. He's a really cool man, but his wife is really not interested at all, so I think that is what is/was holding him back, because we found out he had been taught before. 

Another one was where we were eating at our favorite little place and a man was leaving, and told us he was a member, but hadn't been to church in a long time, he didn't even know they had a chapel here in Binangonan now! We got his name and address and are going to go visit him. 

We also explored an area we never had been to, and realized there are a ton of people in it, and met a really nice family when we asked for directions, and when we went back, the dad wasn't there, and actually two other men were there that were drinking, so we didn't feel up to teaching, but we chatted with the mom for a little bit, and she really wants us to come back to teach her family. The interesting thing was that one of the man that was drinking said that back in 1997 he was taught, and told us over and over the name of the missionary that taught him and he was good at basketball, but would only play half court haha. He said he had a baptism date, but then the two missionaries got transferred and stopped visiting him! So we are going to go back to him. I thought that the family we met is awesome, but maybe even though we didn't teach that time, we were meant to go so we could meet that man. 

I have been really trying to grasp the language more and more, and am still working at it. I feel I have grown, but should be better by now. The thing I really realized was how little I know about EVERYTHING in the gospel. I love reading the gospel principles book, the Teachings of Josheph Fielding Smith Book at church, and just feel so overwhelmed with how little I know, and then when members ask us a tough question, that's really deep and kind of pointless to us, but they want to know. We do are best to answer it, and I think the thing is that the gospel answers so many more questions by having the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenenants, and modern revelation, but we must have faith in some things, because if we knew ALL, then we wouldn't need faith. I think that when we have a question, we should study it out, and we will get a sufficient answer for ourselves. 

This week I have been studying faith, and really have deepened my understanding for it. In True To the faith, it says that faith is a complete trust in Heavenly Father, and I was really thinking about that. A COMPLETE TRUST is trusting in everything, but in order to trust him, we have to be humble enough to trust him, and seek his help in everything. So in order to have faith we need to be humble, otherwise we think that we can do things without His help. I will leave it at that, and that I know that Heavenly Father will help us in everything, and sometimes it isn't what we want, or when we want it, but by being humble enough and having faith, we understand that what he gives us is sufficient, and by being humble, we see that he is always helping us. We may have questions, but I will quote President Uchtdorf I believe, "Please, doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" and hold on to the things that you know are true and the witnesses that you have received. 

Mahal ko po kayo,

Elder Rock

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