Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Letter Feb 24, 2014

This week was pretty great, the highlight by far was being able to Baptize the Galang family! That is the one with the really tall son that is 14, and they pay attention so well during lessons. To be completely honest with you, I could see the two sons as general authorities or something, or maybe their kids, they are that awesome. We went over the day or two before their interview to review with them, and just make sure they were ready, and they were, and the last question is if they feel ready to make this commitment, and the younger son (12) said "Oh yes, so ready!!!" haha it was so awesome to hear them say that! The only thing that we are trying to work on is teaching the father, who is interested too, but he works a lot, so he isn't able to make it to church. It is really sad, but he will be able to one day, I know it. Their baptism was on saturday and went great! I had the opportunity to baptize the two children, and the younger one we had to do over again, and I told him to bend his knees, and so he basically just jumped down, I didn't really push him down at all haha.

Wednesday we had a zone conference, it was really cool, the best one that I have been to. President Revillo went over his role as the mission president, sister Revillio's role as the mission president's wife, and then our role as missionaries, their promise to us, and their expectations of us. It was so awesome, and exactly what I needed to hear, and then the departing missionaries shared their testimonies, and one sister's was amazing, and so awesome. And then the Senior missionaries shared theirs and that was really cool too. So basically I was on this spiritual high and then to top off the day, we went and each bought our own box of pizza from Pizza Hut. I don't think the day could have gotten any better! 

Another really exciting part of my week was the day after the zone conference, I went on exchanges with my zone leader, because Elder Abel is the District Leader and they have to go with him once a transfer. So they go in our area to see how it is doing, and I went to the other area. I love exchanges so much because, I don't know why, but I do so much better at Tagalog. I don't know how to explain it, but I was able to understand so much more, it was awesome. I spoke really well, and learned a lot from my Zone Leader, he's a great teacher. Our lessons were really spiritual, and I said things I never really said before, because I wasn't sure how to use the words, but it worked. I have been able to understand a lot more since then, sometimes of course there are words that I don't know, but I can pick them out way easier, and know the word I don't know, whereas before it just sounded like crazy sounds. It was really great!

One thing that really really made me think was something that happened yesterday. When Elder Abel wasn't to go out me and another Elder went to one of our investigators, and they weren't home, so after visiting with a member we started walking back. As we were walking this old guy called us over and was sitting on a bench and told us to look at his wheelchair, and it was one from the church. He told us he was a member. He kind of talked funny, like slurred, and I assumed he had an accident. So we took down his information and I was super excited. Yesterday we went to the same investigator and they were gone as well, so we started walking back, and I remembered I had the address. We decided to go find it, and in this area the addresses aren't written but somehow we managed. He was really active when he lived in Pasig city, and he lived with his granddaughter, who is a member as well. It turned out he had a stroke, and he showed us pictures of him in Pasig. He is just the sweetest man. And we shared a scripture with him, and to close we end with a prayer, and he asked if he could say it, we said of course. It was the greatest prayer I have heard. He is pretty crippled, he can kind of stand up, he can't hear that well, his hands are tightened up like he might have arthritis, and in his prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for the many blessings that he has in his life. 
I just couldn't believe this man's faith, and thought it was incredible that he would say that. There are so many people with less trials than him, and they tell us it's hard, and it is hard for them, we believe them, we love them, and try to help them, but this man was found by a miracle I believe, and is just so kind, and smiles, and can tell that the missionaries that baptized him mean so much to him. I just felt I could find a lot more to be thankful for when somethings don't go my way. He seemed to have a great life, he had all these fun pictures of him in his old ward, when he was a little younger, but he had this trial come his way. It is really heartbreaking, but at the same time inspiring, it was one of my favorite visits I have ever been on, and he stood up to show us out the door and thanked us. Ah, it was so touching to have that lesson with him. 

I also wanted to leave something from the zone conference I attended, and that was from President Revillo, he talked about not criticizing our leaders. Whether mission leaders or in the branch we are serving in. The thing we really have to remember is that callings take time, they are not getting paid for it, and they are not perfect. We have to trust that they were called by God to serve in that position. When we are in a calling we don't want people to criticize us, so why would we criticize them. I think that it was awesome to hear, I wish that the less actives here could hear it, because they get offended a lot. But even more than that is we need to understand that they were called by God. And when we criticize it is usually because of something we think, our personal desires make the leader, in our eyes, not a good leader. But maybe they are not in that position for us. Maybe they feel they should do something that way, maybe they got revelation, even if it doesn't make sense to us right now. Maybe they are making mistakes, but they were called of God, and we need to believe in that. I just thought it was excellent, and thought about it a lot. I see what each calling has to do with some of the meetings I go in, and the people really sacrifice their time, and it is hard to criticize them when you see how hard they work.

I hope you have a great week this week. Don't forget to do the little things like reading scriptures and praying everyday, I promise it will help you, and if you pray for missionary opportunities, Heavenly Father will give them to you and if you keep your eyes open for them, it won't feel forced. That is a promise coming from an Apostle! 


Elder Rock

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