Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter Dec 23, 2013

Hello Everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This last week has been really awesome but challenging! I got a new companion, Elder Abel! He is from New Zealand and Australia, and this big Rugby player. He has been out for 17 months, and is really good in Tagalog. I almost like it better that he isn't from the Philippines because he can explain things a lot better to me, and why things are said a certain way. There are things I miss about elder Masula, but this transfer is going to be really good. This week was mostly showing him our investigators and our area, which I found out is the second biggest in our mission. \

It was challenging because I am the one showing him around the area, which I don't know very well. But I was able to do it! It was awesome, I just remembered how to get places, and that was truly Heavenly Father helping me out. My Tagalog is improving, things make more sense, and words are starting to replace words. And Elder Abel is super funny and likes to have fun, but he is really great at teaching and helping me out, he's an awesome missionary. 

We had our Branch Christmas party, and a lot of investigators came to that, and the party is a lot different than at home haha. They play regular music and have big speakers blasting and everyone dances it's hilarious and a lot of fun! But the thing I noticed was how hard it is for investigators to come to these events. We had all of the ones we really have been focusing on there, but they were all nervous because they didn't know anyone, and here it is a big deal for them and they dress up and everything. But the church is really a different kind of culture, it's new for people, and we tried to get a bunch of people to talk to them, but it was hard. I really saw how important it is for the members to get involved, because the missionaries can't make them feel welcome in the ward or branch they are going to be going to. We leave and new ones come, but the members are there. So I encourage you to talk and make investigators or new people at anything really welcome. 

It is Christmas time here, but not very cold, it's a weird feeling for sure. The thing that really bothers me is people carol for money!!! Kids go around and just carol for money, it's sad! But a lot of the homes have a tiny humble Christmas tree it's sweet. One of the things I miss the most is all the Christmas goodies, they don't have a lot of sweets here, the desserts for them have very little sugar, but it's alright. 

This transfer is going to be really great, Elder Abel is one of the coolest missionaries ever, it's a lot of fun. But don't think we aren't working hard, cause we are! 

Just one spiritual thought that I heard, everyday we wake up and we search for happiness. No matter what you don't wake up and want to do things that are going to make you sad. The things that make us happy, truly happy, are through the commandments that Heavenly Father has given us, and they are unchangeable. They will always bring us happiness, but Satan's ways are always changing. There are always new things that go against the commandments because they seem fun for a time. 

This Christmas Season we should rededicate ourselves to follow the teachings of Christ, maybe I said that last week. But I hate New Year's resolutions, I HATE THEM. Rarely do people actually follow through on them, so every week, even every day we should wake up and commit to follow and keep the covenants we have made. 

Merry Christmas to all! 

Elder Rock

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