Quezon City Mission

Quezon City Mission

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter Nov 18, 2013

This week has been great, but frustrating at the same time! I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and got to have a real shower, What a treat that was:) Even if it was cold. And talk to some american elders, they really motivated me to push through because of how much they loved what they were doing. 

The people here are so kind and loving, almost to the point of making me angry because they let you in and let you teach them and say they like what we are teaching, but don't let us follow up with them. But we were giving agency so as long as me and my companion are working hard, it is okay, even though it is sad.

This week in our district meeting I loved what someone said. "Christ came to this earth to serve, not be served" And that is what my mindset should be on a mission, but everyones too. The true character of Christ was serving others even when Im sure he wanted to have people serve him and do what he wanted. 

Me and Elder Masula get along really well, we both love ping pong and our chapel has a table, and I was beating him and he said "Tonight we need some companionship inventory" haha. He is a great teacher. I love working with him.

I have been focusing on listening to the spirit more, I just want to share the gospel and speak the language so I can teach them clearly. A talk in the MTC we heard was by Carlos Godoy and when He was being taught the missionaries told him that this was the same church as when Christ was on the earth, it was back. He was so excited and made so much sense he just ran home and told his parents and they blew him off and he literally shook them and yelled "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, IT WAS GONE AND NOW IT IS BACK, THIS IS THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST, THE SAME ONE, ITS BACK!" That's the kind of enthusiasm I feel I have and am so disappointed when people don't understand the authority and need of organization. 

I've been reading a lot of conference talks and love what they say, and encourage you to read Elder Gifford Nielsons, he was funny to listen to. But he gives 3 steps to how members can be missionaries. And L. Tom Perry said in the mission conference "This is the most exciting era the church has ever seen. It is up there with the first vision and book of mormon" That is so awesome. In D&C 6:3 it says the field is white and ready to harvest. It wasn't gray, or dark, it was white and ready. It is really white and we all need to get to work! 

And remember that opposition is the indispensable element of mortality, and strengthens us and refines us. Christ's healing begins with faith. (See elder timothy j. dyches talk)

I love you all and hope you have a great week. All the Tacloban missionaries are safe, and 16 of them will be joining The quezon city mission!


Elder Rock

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